Get Connected

While the church building is closed per the request of the conference office, we will still be meeting online.  Join us Sundays at 11am.

Sunday, March 22nd.

Sunday, March 15th.

We believe that Christ calls us into relationship with himself and with one another. We also believe that growing and serving are vital to nurturing these relationships.

At JustinUMC, we offer many ways to connect with God and with others through service, fellowship, small groups, worship, study, and many more.
Whether you desire to grow in your faith, to serve, or are in need of support-- come and join a Bible study, small group, or Sunday School class. Come experience a serving opportunity here at church, within our community, or far beyond. You’ll grow in love with God, with others, and have an amazing experience.

As we study God’s word and live it out in our lives through growing and serving, we become connected. We become the Body of Christ, and through our actions, Christ is revealed.